Orthodontics dental care at Lavant Dental Centre

Short Term Orthodontics


We can dramatically improve your smile by straightening the teeth, which will also make the easier to keep clean. At Lavant Dental Centre we are able to offer a variety of orthodontic systems (braces) to straighten crooked teeth. These include Six Month Smile, C'Fast, Inman Aligner and Clear Aligners. Adult short-term orthodontics focuses on straightening the front teeth and are very discrete to wear.


C'Fast is a gentle, minimally invasive treatment for adults to straighten the front six upper and lower teeth (the teeth that make up your visible smile) using a tooth coloured wire and clear brackets to give a healthy, beautiful smile.

The treatment uses lighter forces than traditional orthodontics, so it is more comfortable and much quicker.

After treatment, a retainer is fitted to support the teeth in the new position.

With the revolutionary C'Fast treatment, a beautiful smile can be achieved in only six months.

Six Month Smiles

Like C'Fast, The Six Month Smiles system uses specific orthodontic technology to straighten the front teeth and not make time consuming changes to the way the back teeth bite together.

The braces and wires used are barely noticeable and the teeth are moved using gentle forces into their new position in an average time of only six months.

Six Months Smiles is a fast and economical way for adults to begin smiling with confidence.