Restorative dental treatments at Lavant Dental Centre

Video of a Crown treatment

Restorative Dentistry


White Fillings

There is nothing more unsightly than seeing metal fillings in your teeth. We can replace these with the latest tooth-coloured composite fillings.


Crowns are used to restore heavily filled or broken teeth. They fit over the prepared tooth to make it very strong and resemble the shape of the natural tooth. They are made of porcelain and so they look natural as well!


Bridges are used to replace missing teeth and are an alternative to partial dentures. They are usually made of porcelain bonded to a gold core, or may be all ceramic, and are fitted onto the prepared teeth adjacent to the gap. They restore the occlusion so that the teeth bite together properly, are very strong and are considerably more comfortable than a denture.


There is nothing worse than trying to eat with dentures that are ill-fitting. We can provide the latest in cosmetic dentures to give you teeth that enable you to eat without discomfort, as well as restoring a beautiful smile!